About the project

“Georgian Democracy Initiative” (GDI) in partnership with the “Institute for Democracy and Safe Development” (IDSD) implements the project “Monitoring of the implementation of the Government Human Rights Action Plan (2016-2017)”, which is financed by the “Rule of Law on Georgia” (PROLoG) program implemented in Georgia by East-West Management Institute (EWMI) with the support of USAID and by the “Open Society Georgia” Foundation. The project aims at the assessment of implementation of each chapters of the Government Human Rights Action Plan (2016-2017) approved by # 1138 Decree issued by the Government of Georgia on 13 June 2016. The project envisages monitoring of the implementation progress of selected chapters and narrative as well as visual documenting of the relevant results.

The monitoring is based on the methodology specially designed for the purpose, which includes the monitoring instruments as well as the recommendations on the way and sequence of documenting the monitoring results. At the same time, the monitoring methodology contains detailed description of the criteria needed for the assessment of relevant chapters of National Strategy for the Protection of Human Rights in Georgia and Human Rights Action Plan.

Relying on the information collected and processed in different forms, the implementation progress of the Human Rights Action Plan is placed on the given web-page and any interested individual could follow the progress there.

The project has the following aims:

  • Elaboration of the unified monitoring system in which, all the non-governmental organizations interested in monitoring the implementation of Human Rights Action Plan would be involved. For this aim, each of them will have an access to the specially designed web-page, which will illustrate the implementation progress of the chapters of the HRAP;
  • Informing the wider public with the information on the implementation progress on HRAP via specially designed web-page;
  • Support to the implementation of HRAP by providing the relevant responsible governmental structures with the recommendations and comments;


Any interested organization working on monitoring the implementation of the HRAP or its individual chapters, are welcome to use the given web-page.