December 28, 2017

The Second Round of Meetings on the draft Human Rights Action Plan of the Government of Georgia for 2018-2020

On 26-27 December 2017, the Human Rights Secretariat organized outgoing working group meeting in Borjomi in order to discuss the comments and recommendations prepared by the non-governmental organizations on the draft of the Action Plan of the Government of Georgia for the Protection of Human Rights for 2018-2020. The representatives of the relevant national and international organizations as well as of the responsible agencies participated in the meeting.

The lawyers of the Georgian Democracy Institute (GDI) and Democracy and Safe Development (IDSD) participated in the meetings dedicated to the first five chapter of the Action Plan and presented their comments on the general structure of the Action Plan, tasks mentioned in individual chapters and their formulation, indicators and etc. Moreover, the comments also included the topics, addition of which (by means of aim, objective or activity) is important for better enjoyment of relevant rights.